Global Lift Corp

About Global lift covers

Global Lift Corp, the leader in manufacturing ADA compliant pool lifts in USA.  All the pool lifts are manufactured in the United States. Global Lift Corp uses only the finest materials and processes to provide the customers with the highest quality aquatic lifts while still maintaining a price competitive edge on the market.Check out our videos to learn more about the Pool lifts.

Our ADA compliant pool lifts & spa lifts are ideal for both commercial and residential use. Whether you need to bring your facility up to ADA standards or you need an easy way to enjoy your private pool or spa, our lift will be able to do that for you.

Anchors and Pool lift covers

Anchors and Pool lift covers are available for all of our pool lifts and safety belts also come with each of our lifts. Each pool lift is equipped with user friendly controls to ensure simple operation. Many of our pool lift series feature an Anti-Pinch Linkage System to avoid pinch points and an Emergency Return System for added safety.

The ADA compliant pool lift options fall into five categories: