INNOVAIDTreax Pads – An innovative training system

INNOVAID A/S is a rehabilitation company from Denmark that develops assistive technology for training and physical rehabilitation. TREAX is one of the amazing innovative training system that was created by the founder and administrative director Martin Hjort. INNOVAD can be used for rehabilitation for brain injury, physical training for the elderly, development of children’s motor and cognitive skills, training of balance, coordination and weight-bearing. TREAX is a highly flexible rehabilitation system that enables the therapist to design training activities to fit the functionality level and training needs of each user. The system can be expanded with more pads as the user’s skills improve. Increasing the number of pads can make exercises into social games, where several users are active. The system can be used on the floor or be mounted on the wall with the accessory wall mounting board.We distribute this awesome product and you can contact us for more information regarding the products.